Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessments

CQ assessments help measure performance and skills and are routed in rigorous research. They help measure intercultural performance of individuals and teams. Utilizing the only academically validated instrument of cultural intelligence (owned by the Cultural Intelligence Center); we are able to provide an in-depth analysis and consulting experience based on best practices in the profession. Assessments are just one piece of the puzzle in understanding cultural intelligence, and are easily integrated into our coaching and workshop programs. The assessments are based on the cultural intelligence scale (CQS).

Cultural intelligence assessments offer a validated self-assessment or multi-rater version. The feedback report provides not only your results be deeper insight into how one can develop and improve upon their own cultural intelligence. Further, how does your own CQ impact others? Our coaching and workshops provide detail beyond the reports including analysis and customized strategies for improving and integrating CQ.

CQ Self-Assessment

CQ self-assessment focuses on how individuals view their own CQ capabilities. Respondents complete online surveys and receive a feedback report on their CQ capabilities.

CQ Multi-Rater Assessment

CQ multi-rater assessment combines not only the self-assessment, but observer feedback from peers, bosses, etc. Participants and observers complete online surveys and a 20+ page report is provided with in-depth details.

Reports include details on the four factors, sub-dimensions within each CQ factor, comparison scores of CQ with worldwide norms, cultural value orientation detail, reflection questions and a personalized development plan.

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